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Community Independent Journal - February 1, 2020

The blatant hypocrisy of the Democrats' over-arching obsession about -electability- when they're running against an incumbent President that is the most unqualified, disliked, unelectable buffoon to ever hold public office. The Democrats were intoxicated by eight years of Obama winning on charisma alone. They ignored the savage losses they were taking in congress, house and senate and state houses and governorships. Democrats lost touch with the people and they weren't trying to reconnect. They were blinded by corporate cash, that was the ubiquitous underlying reality of Hillary Clinton's campaign, assuaging and schmoozing the corporate lobby...then BAM! Seeming out of the blue Bernie Sanders', a candidate fully in touch with the will of the people emerged and his campaign caught fire, but I digress...

Ralph Nader writes:
"... It is also astonishing that the Democratic operatives have made something called "electability" a yardstick for deciding who to vote for in the primaries. This is particularly ironic considering the winner of the primary will be running against "crooked" self-enriching Donald and his brazen wrecking crew. Remember, Donald Trump was once considered unelectable."

Nader goes on to write:
"Unfortunately, the entrenched corporate Democrats in Washington are just using the "electability" excuse to block the rising progressive presidential candidates who intend to upset the plutocratic applecarts and cushy fat-cat sinecures. The leadership of establishment Democrats has led to the loss of too many national and state elections to the worst Republican Party in the GOP's history. It is time for these Democrats to shape up or ship out."

What Democrats actually mean when spouting off about 'electability' is acceptability.
Acceptable to who?
Acceptable to the corporate lobby is who. Democrats have deluded themselves into believing what's acceptable to the corporate lobby, Wall Street, and military industrial complex translates to votes. Dems are so self-deluded they believe the people should conform to the will of the party, not the party represents the will of the people. Dems have become velvet gloved authoritarians.

Bernie Sanders vows to return the Democratic party back to the people. That enrages and scares the established party elite to death. Be warned, with the corporate cash at stake the DNC, DCCC, and their corporate media accomplices will do anything to stop the Bernie Sanders movement.
It's hard to imagine but the Democratic party is even more corrupt than it was in 2016.

"This is a struggle for the soul of the Democratic Party, which in too many cases has become so corporate and identified with corporate interests that you can't tell the difference between Democrats and Republicans. " ~ Dennis Kuchinich