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The Lincoln Project, Bush Republicans who along with Neoliberal Clinton Democrats are responsible for the rise of Donald Trump as President of the United States. 

Jane Coaston writes at Vox
"...some observers have argued that the campaign operatives responsible for the Lincoln Project are, through their deep ties to the pre-Trump GOP, indirectly responsible for his rise. Lincoln Project board members helped George H. W. Bush win office in 1988 and George W. Bush win reelection in 2004, as well as down-ballot races where their ads often featured the same kind of fearmongering they now appear to abhor. 
In short, many of those behind the project worked on Republican presidential campaigns and, before Trump, often sounded very much like Trump."

These Republicans had their party snatched from them by Trumpism. Trump simply used the same rhetorical fear-mongering and implicit hate these Neoconservative Bushites used to get elected and govern. This is who Democrats have partnered with to void the influence of Sanders Progressives on their party. 

Written at Vox
" historian Eric Foner argued in 2016, Trump can be seen as “the logical conclusion of a lot of things the Republican Party has been doing” for decades, with predecessors like Richard Nixon’s “law and order” presidential campaign, rife with racist implications, and populist appeal as a businessman railing against Washington corruption. To many liberals, Trump isn’t an aberration; he’s the culmination of a decades-long political project."

Republican Neoconservatism and Democrats' Neoliberalism are twin projects developed by the two-party duopoly. They have significant overlap on the Military Industrial Complex, Wall Street/Goldman Sachs predominant economics, serving the corporate lobby, and severe austerity in social spending.
Remember it was Neoliberal Bill Clinton that backed and signed the deepest social service cuts since Reagan. He was proud that he "ended welfare as we know it."
This is the governing paradigm Centrist Democrats and Bush Republicans are trying to restore.

They see Donald Trump as a wildcard unmoored to any over-arching governance principle, just his own kleptocracy and narcissism. And yes, I'd agree they would be correct. But the Lincoln Project Republicans and Center right Democrats aim to take us back a decade or more to the same dysfunctional governance that created Trump in the first place. Total neglect of the needs of the people in favor of upscale suburbanites and the corporate manager class. What Centrist Dem operative Rahm Emmanuel calls, "creating Biden Republicans", emphasis of course on Republicans.
Krystal Ball's commentary illustrates this well.

This nefarious Dem/GOP allegiance to serve the corporate Oligarchy would be lethal to the little democracy we're clinging to. A travesty during a time of pandemic, rampant unemployment, and an economy for the people that is spiraling downward, fast.

In less than a decade we'll be facing a much smarter, more threatening Trump-like figure.
A Trump-like egoist and fascist that won't allude to civil war, but will depend on one to see his/her power consolidated for decades.
No more elections. Protests brutally crushed. The United States becomes a South American dictatorship, worse than the ones installed under Reagan/Bush.
Chickens come home to roost.