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Bernie Sanders' surge over the last six weeks has driven the Democratic party and the corporate media to vomiting up unglued totally irrational gaslighting disinformation madness.
In just the last few weeks national professional opinion shaping pundits have:

*Likened Sanders' supporters to nazi brown shirts
*Voiced angst that should Sanders' become President Bernie would have him shot in Central Park
*Characterized Sanders' black women supporters as 'Misfit Black Girls' (the pundit, Jason Johnson himself, is a black man)
*An MSNBC pundit let out an audible "he makes my skin crawl" during a show simply at the mention of Sanders' name.
*And corporate media has launched a disinformation campaign solely aimed at Sanders' supporters, calling them 'trolls', 'Russian assets' and the above mentioned 'nazi brownshirts'

The most troubling of all the anti-Bernie venom in corporate media is how they've lately aimed their contempt at Bernie Sanders' supporters. The very same people they'll demand to support whoever the Dem nominee is. How the Democratic establishment through it's corporate media can shit on millions of people, then demand those very same people vote for them in the general election, is insane, an insanity borne of willful ignorance. Corporate media pundits live in a comfortable privilege bubble. They literally can't understand how anyone can not be content with the corporate status quo, I mean, those pundits are doing great! Isn't everyone?

Mari Uyehara writes:
"It is bizarre—the mainstream media’s seeming pattern of anti-Bernie bias. Perhaps, it’s built-in from how top editors staff their sections and producers choose their regular commentators. Among major media outlets, there is only one single democratic socialist (**New York Times**’ Elizabeth Bruenig), even though 39 percent of Americans have a positive view of socialism, and the Scandinavian-style policies are resoundingly popular. Meanwhile, many outlets feature conservatives and NeverTrumpers (Bret Stephens, Jennifer Rubin, Rick Wilson), a statistically tiny political group: 6 percent of Republicans don’t approve of Trump, according to Gallup. For an ecosystem of reporters whose sources include many donors, lobbyists, and lobbyist-and-donor-funded politicians, the popularity of a democratic socialist is confounding. And the disinterest of editors and producers in representing the views of a rather large movement has made for a giant blind spot about the size of New Hampshire....or Trump in 2016."**

The DNC, mainstream media and its pundit class exist to shape the public narrative, period. A September '19 Gallup poll reports only 41% of Americans trust the mainstream media. However, when broken down to political party, 69% of identified Democrats trust mainstream media. But only 36% of Independents trust corporate establishment media. A large segment of Bernie Sanders' movement are politically Independent, as is the largest voting block in the country. Democrats and their television/print media are engaged in a full scale manufacturing consent offensive to create the perception that centrist Democrats are our only, best hope.

In actuality centrist liberalism and it's tepid cosmetic policies is the old order that needs to be banished to the trashcan of history. In the last twenty years, centrist Democrats have controlled the legislative branch for only two years, held the whitehouse for only Obama's two terms, (his first two years were a Democrat super-majority in the house and senate and he got little done for we the people). Only in 2018 did Democrats gain control of the house. Democrats will scapegoat the voters for their two decades of abject failure while ignoring their own lack of motivating message. If not for the extraordinary charismatic magnetism of Obama the Democrats may not have won any national election in the last twenty years.

Now that the people are signaling to the Democrats that we're fed up, that fundamental change is afoot, Democrats are doing everything they can, pulling every dirty trick out of their asses, to oppose the people's will.
Ladies and gentlemen this is why Democrats consistently lose. They're fine with regularly losing as long as the corporate lobby, Wall Street cash keeps rolling in. Their corporate donors are their constituency, not we the people.