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NBC reports today (January 21st):

Hillary Clinton blasts Sanders, won't commit to backing him as party nominee

"Four years since their rough Democratic primary battle, Hillary Clinton has not let up on her criticism of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, says of Sanders in a new documentary that "nobody likes him."

"He was in Congress for years," Clinton says in the soon-to-be-released four-part Hulu documentary "Hillary," The Hollywood Reportersaid in a report. "He had one senator support him. Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. He was a career politician. It's all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it."

Asked by The Hollywood Reporter in an interview released on Tuesday if her assessment still stands, Clinton said, "Yes, it does."

Bernie Sanders Enthusiastically Supported Hillary in '16

After 2016 Democratic Convention where Sanders ardently nominated Clinton, then supported and for months campaigned for her election, Clinton backhands him with this smear in 2020.
The New Yorker reported in November 2016:

"As Sanders finished his speech {supporting Clinton} in Raleigh—“We have to do everything that we can to elect Secretary Clinton!”—Clinton and Pharrell were on their feet, cheering. “Wow!” Clinton said, when she took to the rostrum. “Whew! I gotta say, after hearing from these two extraordinary men, I feel all fired up and ready to go for the next five days!” She knew what it was like to run against Sanders. Having him on her side was “a lot more fun.” A few hours later, Sanders was off on his own to Iowa. Trump is ahead in that state, in the latest average of polls, by about two and a half points. Sanders had three events scheduled for Friday—Cedar Falls, Iowa City, Davenport. On Saturday, there would be more."

Seems the Democrats are willing to marginalize tens of millions of Sanders supporters just as they did in '16. It is widely believed that the Democratic establishment, of which Hillary is still the war-mongering queen, would rather Donald Trump be re-elected than Bernie Sanders and his people based movement for fundamental systemic change. Democrats are callously dismissing millions of voters in order to uphold the unsustainable corporate status quo.

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