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KHQ*Q6 - August 2019

"A new survey by Charles Schwab says 59 percent of U.S. adult's live paycheck to paycheck.

According toKOMO, half say they have credit card debt and have a hard time making payments.

***The Schwab survey says part of the problem is people don’t always spend money wisely. The average person spends $483 per month on non-essential items.

Most Americans say that a person needs at least $2 million to be rich."*

{- Schwab believes a full-time working American shouldn't spend $120/wk on 'non-essential things'? - }
What's non-essential to Schwab?
A night out with the wife and kids?
Tickets to a ballgame or movie and dinner?
A gathering of friends at your home where you provide the food and drinks?
A trip to an amusement or water park?

You should work hard, but Schwab seems to believe that enjoying your meager wages is a 'non-essential' thing.

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