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Community Independent Journal, January 25, 2019

MAGA nation feeds on the exasperation of the civil rationalists, liberals and centrist Democrats, that think being polite and rational is an unbeatable combination. MAGA nation mocks their civility and facts, it doesn't care. They're trolling the comment section of life, literally. Centrists and moderate liberals don't know how to debate, seize the narrative, from those that mock their legitimate rationality and attempts at courtesy. They don't know how to counter their opponent's disrespect and mockery. We're living in a time when truth is being shouted over, and civility is a punch-line, the butt of jokes. In short, moderate liberals, centrist Democrats, don't know how to fight.

If Trump nation can continue to drag 'the debate' into the mudhole where they live, the mudhole made for them by thirty years of 'conservative' AM hate radio, twenty years of Fox News, and over a decade of shit-posting, truth-free blogs like Daily Caller and Breitbart, then they win.

Their Sole Motivation is to ‘Make Liberal Heads Explode’

Deep down, in the core of their terrified souls, the GOP MAGA cult knows they’ve lost, Trump’s election was nothing but a late game timeout, that only prolongs the inevitable outcome and defeat. The American right-wing grievance sect is already a pitiful minority of the public. Their shrill voices are amplified by a robust echo chamber working furiously to shift the Overton window of public discourse. It worked for seizing control of the Republican party, but it’s miserably failing in the public at large. Ultimately all they’re doing now is social/political trolling. And how does one manage a troll?
One stops engaging in ‘discussion’. The troll only seeks to frustrate its target, to make neck veins pulse with anger. Trolls hate when they’re ignored or dismissed. When their fuckery falls on unreactive audiences.

Of course mainstream corporate owned media will continue to breathlessly amplify every Trump, right-wing, indignity. Conflict and trainwreck footage glue viewers to their screens. Corporate owned media needs to sell insurance, cars, and cosmetic products in order to survive. So they’ll keep wallowing in Trump’s cult lies and social media trolling, to wallow in the latest Trump mob inciting rhetorical calamity. We’ll have to start tuning the media out too on the topic of Trumpism. We already know what it is, we know how disastrously dangerous it is, we don’t need to be psychologically battered with it by the media all day, every day.

It’s time to use our power. Our power to tune out the Trumpers that interact in bad faith, right-wingers that only seek to inflame and divide. When the media notices a ten percent viewership drop in Trump indignancy stories, when right-wingers notice their cage rattling rhetoric doesn’t get the reaction they crave, when we the people act on our aspirations, not react to their trolling...when they notice the world is passing them by.
They’ll have to sit up and take notice.
It doesn’t take everyone to do this, just a critical mass. That’s how we the people will seize the narrative, and then the power.

One Love, Community Independent Journal