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I want to live in a world where both options for President are actually good and we could argue over which is one is better instead of which one is worse. - The Zach and Matt Twitter account

Donald Trump vs Joe Biden is the worst Presidential choice in my lifetime. A racist reality show celebrity, in cognitive decline, who is an alarming narcissist, and shameless liar. Against a glad handing, forty plus year Washington swamp monster with no core values, little more than an empty suit, who has his own racist history, and is also in cognitive decline.
Oh, did I mention both have sexual assault allegations against them?

Americans aren't voting their aspirations, vision, or future anymore. We haven't since the late 20th century. Our choices have been reduced to fear, regression, and what shade of status quo we prefer. 

It's like a hostage situation.

The Two Party Duopoly

The only power the Republican/Democrat two party duopoly has over us is its perceived inevitability. Over a century of public conditioning, mainly by corporate mass media, has deceived the electorate into believing the only logical choice is Democrat or Republican. Especially in national elections.

Dana Walker at Real Change News writes:

In most of our elections — and especially the presidential elections — everyone knows that either the Democrat or the Republican is going to win. Therefore, everyone thinks that our only two choices are to be clubbed on the head by Republicans or stabbed in the back by Democrats. The funny thing about that is that it is indeed true, but it is true only because everyone believes that it is true. Our two-faced duopoly is inevitable only because everyone believes that it is inevitable. If everyone would simply stop believing that it was inevitable, then it would no longer be inevitable.

As to our recent presidential election, I voted for Jill Stein. I would have literally voted for a cockroach on a Ouija board before I would have voted for either of the thoroughly vile human beings that the two major parties presented to us. While I was utterly horrified that Donald Trump won, at the same time I was thoroughly delighted that Hillary Clinton lost, because the fact is that the Democratic Party is an utterly corrupt and wholly owned subsidiary of the Wall Street War Machine, and Hillary Clinton is the very personification of all that.

The two party duopoly differs on a few issues, but on all the important, major issues they are the same:
* Crush the left
* Wall Street dominance
* Corporate lobby dominance
* Blank checks to the Pentagon and police departments
* For profit healthcare system
* Total support of the Israeli brutal occupation of Palestine
* Regime change wars

There are others, but those are the glaring overlaps of Dems and the GOP. When you vote for a Dem or GOP in a national election, the items above will never change.

Solidarity-us writes:

"Lesser evil is a losing strategy. It paves the way for greater evils.

When the lesser evil Democrats had the White House under Carter, Clinton, and Obama — with Democratic majorities in both Houses of Congress for at least one session under each of these presidents — it was conservative Republican priorities that the Democrats implemented: increased military spending and foreign interventions; private instead of public health insurance; deregulation of trucking, airlines, media, telecommunications, energy, finance, and other industries; abandonment of promised labor law reforms; repeal of the federal welfare guarantee; deep cuts to federal spending to public housing and other safety net programs; “law-and-order” legislation that spawned mass incarceration; trade bills that strengthened corporate power and pitted workers against each other across national borders.

Then came a de facto moratorium on the enforcement of anti-discrimination and desegregation in housing, schools, and employment; the high-stakes testing to justify charter school privatization of public education, inaction on the climate crisis…the list could go on.

The point is that for the last 40 years the Democrats have been more successful in getting Republican platform planks through Congress than the Republicans themselves."

The Long Walk Out of Lesser Evil Two Party Hell

Foreign Policy writes: 

The only way to break this destructive stalemate is to break the electoral and party system that sustains and reinforces it. The United States is divided into red and blue not because Americans want only two choices. In poll after poll, majorities want more than two political parties. Few Americans enjoy the high-stakes partisan combat. The United States is divided because in winner-take-all plurality elections, third parties can’t emerge. And even if Americans agree on wanting a third party, few are willing to gamble on an alternative for fear of wasting their vote. Nor can Americans agree on which third party they would want, either. The United States would need five or six parties to represent the true ideological diversity of the country.

All else equal, modest multiparty democracies (with three to seven parties) perform better than two-party democracies. Such a party system regularizes cross-partisan compromise and coalition building. Since parties need to work together to govern, more viewpoints are likely to be considered. The resulting policies are more likely to be broadly inclusive, and broadly legitimate, making voters happier with the outcomes.

Either the public develops the guts to break out of the two party mental prison before crisis and circumstances become too much for the country to overcome. 
Or we'll perish as a nation to cynical greed and fascist power fetishism.