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Community Independent Journal, January 22, 2019

Within hours of the viral image of the insolent MAGA hat teen went viral, a 'longer video' that 'tells the whole story', intended to exonerate the contemptuous high school students went viral.

The problem is it didn't acquit the the teens, it actually enhanced the original perception that the teens were confrontational and looking for conflict. You see, the boys' family engaged a PR firm to spin the narrative of the events that day. Then conservative/right-wing media, with assistance from mainstream corporate media, insisted the 'new footage' demonstrated the boys' were victims of circumstance. The video footage doesn't show that, but right-wing media wants it to be true by sheer force of will.

Propaganda 101

Soon after the video of Nathan Sandmann, the smirking student in the MAGA cap, went viral, and he was portrayed as a case study of the maladies that inflict this country, Sandmann released a three page statement, crafted by a PR firm, in conjunction with extended footage video released by RunSwitch PR firm.

The Louisville Courier-Journal reported about RunSwitch

"But on Monday, a report by theLouisville Courier-Journalrevealed that Sandmann’s statement had been crafted by a Republican-linked public relations firm founded in part by a former staff member and adviser to current Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, also of Kentucky."
~ As reported by Inquisitr

A Republican PR firm was recruited to tell us that we didn’t see what we just saw. Their extended video simply added more participants, and more detail to the events in question. It showed nothing that changed the facts.
That is the state of right-wing propaganda today. Show something new, but not exculpatory, interminably repeat that it is exculpatory, and it becomes condoned by sheer force of will.
Not by examination of the visual and auditory facts.