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What did Joe think of the monologue he has in the middle of the special?
Joe told us when we were on the phone with him that it reminded him of a Richard Pryor special that he saw where Richard Pryor took out a machine gun and said he was going to kill all the white people in the audience. This is from the old Richard Pryor show. Which, of course, Jason and I don't mind being compared to Richard Pryor. [Laughs] Our egos certainly don't mind that.

I was really surprised that the actors didn't have more questions or more potential issues with the fact that two white guys had written this. Were we steering them in the right direction. It's very touching to Jason and I that they trusted us. Mack, he was the one person who ... These are all professional actors in many way ... They're showing up to do a job. They're like, "This is the script and this is the job." Mack was the one out of the four of them who was a fan of the other two specials that we did. He felt very very good about what we were saying. ...