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“Once there was a man who was asked by God to do some little thing. It was just a little thing, and I don’t know what it was. Do this, he was told, and this earth will again turn into Paradise. There won’t be any kings, nobody will have to work, everybody will be free and happy, etc.

Now, this man kept thinking: to do it or not to do it. One day he thinks that he should do it, next day he isn’t sure, he thinks that maybe he shouldn’t do it. “Why do we need a Paradise? Let the people work, a big deal? It’s good for your system.” Next day again he thinks: “Maybe, after all, it would be nice not to work, not to do anything.” And so it went. He couldn’t make up his mind. Day after day he thought about it. And so he died, one day. And it’s a pity. He could have brought Paradise back to earth.”
― Jonas Mekas, Dec. 24, 1922 - January 23, 2019