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John Pavlovitz - February 11, 2021

Actor Gina Carano was fired from the Lucasfilm-produced series The Mandalorian, broadcast on Disney+, after months of fan pressure in the wake of Carano’s steady social media stream of anti-mask, anti-Transgender, anti-Semitic, election fraud conspiracy rhetoric.

It wasn’t the toxic content of the tweets alone that generated the building backlash resulting in her termination, but the defiance she displayed in response to honest expressions of pain from thousands of vulnerable fans injured by her, as one of the faces of a cherished franchise that has become a place of solace for them in a world that tends to do them damage.

In the immediate aftermath of Carano’s firing, the predictable histrionics and expected pearl-clutching came from supposedly outraged Conservatives in the media and online, once again bemoaning that most insidious and prevalent of lurking evils: the Cancel Culture.

And in a moment of Olympic-level irony, the actor’s supporters rushed to condemn her cancelling—by calling for an immediate boycott of Disney+: a cancelling of the cancellors. 

May you not be the last to experience it. 

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