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Mic - January 29, 2020

"But then I started thinking about the optics of massive turnout at Sanders rallies and Rock the Vote events in Iowa and New Hampshire. Young people really could propel him to the White House — and maybe even force establishment Democrats to take a Sanders presidency seriously. They're certainly spooked by the revolutionary energy: "The air buzzed with the intoxicating collective energy unique to social movements on the rise,"New York Timesopinion columnist Michelle Goldbergwroteof the vibe at a Sanders rally in Iowa last weekend featuring Portugal. The Man."

The buzziest indie rock tour of 2020 is shaping up to be the Democratic campaign trail. Recently, a number of bands beloved by people who were in college circa 2010 have thrown their weight behind Bernie Sanders, playing at his rallies in states with early primaries.

Today, The Strokes announced they’d be taking the stage with Sanders at a rally in New Hampshire on February 10. “We are honored to be associated with such a dedicated, diligent and trustworthy patriot — and fellow native New Yorker,” frontman Julian Casablancas said in a statement. “As the only truly non-corporate candidate, Bernie Sanders represents our only chance to overthrow corporate power and help return America to democracy. This is why we support him,” the band added.

A week ago, both Bon Iver and Vampire Weekend announced they’d be playing sets at Sanders rallies in Iowa just ahead of the state’s caucuses on Monday, February 3. Bon Iver will perform at the Horizon Events Center in Clive, Iowa, this Friday, with Vampire Weekend appearing in Cedar Rapids on Saturday, February 1. Glancing quickly at the Iowa weather forecast here’s hoping Ezra Koenig puts “Unbearably White” on his setlist. ...
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