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Vice - August 2018

Earlier this week, Noisey published an interview with Richard “Pope Richard” Weeks about his new anti-fascist black metal project, Gaylord. The band’s debut release, The Black Metal Scene Needs to Be Destroyed, caused quite a stir within the metal community with its uncompromising aesthetic and song titles like “Odin Doesn't Listen to NSBM You Inbred Alt-right Shitheels” and “Neo-nazi Metalheads Will Be Hanged and Their Broken Corpses Openly Mocked.” Gaylord comes nipping at the heels of Neckbeard Deathcamp, an even more militant project whose debut, White Nationalism is for Basement Dwelling Losers, exploded onto the scene earlier this summer in a shower of Nazi tears, and ended up copping a deal with Prosthetic Records to further their propaganda onslaught.

The major commonality between the two projects (besides being black metal and their obvious lust for fascist blood) is their sense of humor. Neckbeard Deathcamp uses their fluency in 4chan-spawned meme-speak to fight troll fire with fire (their literal tagline is “fedora-crushing militant black metal”) while Gaylord draws on a more exasperated, dry British wit and general trollishness to get the point across(“Nice Sun Cross Tattoo, Asshole” is a nice example). It’s funny shit, to be sure, but it’s also deadly serious, as my conversation with Weeks (and upcoming feature with Neckbeard Deathcamp) illustrate.

Weeks advocates for direct action against metal fascists, and encourages others to “to hold them over the fire and push against them. Shut down their shows, write music, call out people in Burzum shirts. Be relentless.” Neckbeard Deathcamp have a song about drowning Richard Spencer in piss. It’s over-the-top, and gory, and a bit absurd—in other words, it’s very much in line with “regular” extreme metal, which, for all its flaws and foibles, is also very good at being very silly. The same people grumbling about Neckbeard Deathcamp’s (intentionally) watered down war metal are probably big fans of bands who drape themselves in bike chains and smear black facepaint all over themselves and grunt about achieving supremacy through powerlifting, so really, who’s the joke? ...
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