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"HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. - A Highland Park woman had a dream to build a place for neighborhood children to study, and what's being created is life-changing.

Over the past couple years, Local 4 has shared the story of Shu Harris, or "Mama Shu." She's working to rebuild her neighborhood along Avalon Street.

Through Harris' work, the street has been cleaned up, programs have been started to help families and she has purchased 31 homes that were abandoned and trashed, and she's in the process of rehabbing them.

One of the homes is being turned into a homework house for the children. Local 4 Defender Karen Drew stopped by to see the progress.

When most people saw a rundown home, Harris saw potential in the building.

WATCH: Heart of Detroit meets Mama Shu

"Over here is a study space and room for a micro library in this small space," Harris said. "Children will be able to eat in different spaces." ..."

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