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Maya Arulpragasam, artist name, M.I.A. a, Sri Lankan refugee of war herself, performs this illuminating musical inquiry on the global refugee crisis, a crisis invariably caused by western capitalist policies.

Spencer Kornhaber at TheAtlantic says:

"The video for “Borders,” a song off her forthcoming album Matahdatah, features images recalling all sorts of migrations from the developing world—there are people crossing deserts, fences, and bodies of water. Though much of M.I.A.’s work has been about women and children, this video is filled with brown men: the ultimate bogeyman for many in the West, stereotyped as terrorists, criminals, and job-takers."

Whether they be Mexican, Central/South American, African, or Asian. Western capitalist practices across the globe are making the homes and lives of many in the world unbearable.