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Is Dave Chappelle Really Listening?

The comedian is reportedly open to talks with Netflix employees, though activist Ashlee Marie Preston says he's been 'invited to the table...but he won't show up'

Is The Closer comedian open to honest dialogue about the harm his words have done to the LGBTQ+ community? Following the backlash to the transphobic rhetoric that passed as “jokes” in his most recent Netflix special (and several prior)—which included a walkout by the streamer’s employees on Wednesday, the firing of that walkout’s Black, trans and pregnant organizer (following the suspension of at least one other trans employee), and several statement fumbles by co-CEO Ted Sarandos—Chappelle’s rep says his controversial client is indeed willing to talk.

Per People magazine:

A representative for the five-time Emmy Award winner, 48, tells PEOPLE he is open to a dialogue with the streaming platform’s employees.

“Dave stands by his Art. Both sides of the street are talking and Dave is listening. At some point, when everyone is open, I’m sure our communities will come together,” says a rep for Chappelle.

But when? As People notes, this new statement contradicts prior claims made by transgender activist and 2017 The Root 100 honoree Ashlee Marie Preston, who organized Wednesday’s employee walkout and suggested Chappelle has all but ignored invitations to engage directly. ...
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