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Not Two: Non-Dual Spiritual For The Next Age, March 30, 2019

Note: the follow material is grafted mostly word-for-word from a long section of monologue in Chapter IV of “The Peasant and the King.” I consider it more of an extract than an excerpt, for I did take out all the elements that put it in the context of the story with characters speaking and listening respectively. The full context of this idea –including an exploration of the inherent problem we face due to the self-consciousness of cognizance , and how we resolve it by going beyond the fourth stage– really needs the whole story to be told, so this is just a teaser-appetizer, not meant to be comprehensive in any way.

One major change I made in terminology, for reason of its straight-forward and self-explanatory translation, is “the King” becomes “God.” I thought there would be others, but in every other case a footnote seemed more appropriate. –W.N.

Just as the universe is the body of God, consciousness is the mind of God. They are not two separate things; there is not a body ‘here’ and a mind ‘there.’ They are two ways of seeing the single manifestation of God, similar to form and function.

The body of God is the form taken by the whole field of energetic patterns [1]. The mind of God is the function of the whole energetic field— its interaction with itself through the communication between its patterns.

It has been observed that God is both the dancer and the dance. This means that what God is and what God does are two concepts expressing the exact same thing. Indeed— the universe is the Dancer, and consciousness is the Dance.

Only form, the Dancer, will register to your senses. Its function —the Dance of interaction between aspects of the Dancer— will not. The communication between energetic patterns occurs at far too fine a level to be perceptible, or else your perception of form would be overwhelmed by flux, yielding no details. Your senses channel your perception of reality into the simplest picture you need in order to be what you are, and human senses are fine tuned to perceive form, leaving function to be inferred.

But you will see the larger parts of the body in motion and recognize the patterns of the Dance. If you are still and quiet enough, you will hear the soft hum of the music to which they sway. Your senses will still trick you and report the moving forms without considering the intelligence expressed by their motion. In fact, the whole phenomenon of consciousness will baffle you until you see Mind as the function of the body, and the body as the form of the Mind.

If the cosmos is a unitary field of matter whose numeric value is One, then consciousness is also a unitary field of Mind that is One in number.

So if you start to doubt the omnipresence of consciousness and forget that the world around you is alive and aware, remember that the Dancer is inseparable from the Dance. The function of anything that exists is inherent in its form, and vice versa.

Everything that exists was created to interact, to be one of the infinitesimal points of knowledge in God’s web of consciousness. Every action within this field,  every part of the Dancer, tells some aspect of the multilayered story of the Dance.

Consciousness is also the tool that God uses to perceive itself. Everything that exists plays a part in this Dance of consciousness, from the dynamics of particles within every atom to the blazing expression of stars across interstellar space. Every part of the Dance is therefore both an act to be perceived, and a creative process that engenders its own perceivers. The Dance creates its own audience, including the ultra complex puzzle that you know as the human experience.

There are four stages of consciousness that comprise the human experience. Each stage is a mental function of increased complexity, rising concurrently with evolutions in form that capacitate the functional growth. Each function also builds upon and includes those that precede it. The stages are not separate things that stack like bricks, one upon the other. They are successive whole functions that grow from the ground up like a tower. The stage that you call the top floor, in other words, is not just one layer but essentially the whole building, from the ground floor to the roof, performing one coordinated dance of consciousness that involves all the stages.

In another age, one of your philosopher-poets will note the interdependent relationship of physical form and mental function as aspects of the universal Self. It will be written:

“God sleeps in the mineral, awakens in the plant, moves in the animal, and thinks in the human.” –Arthur Young ...
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Not Two: Non-Dual Spiritual For The Next Age