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"I have this sign in my craft fair booth and often get asked why. A lot of people assume I do this because I’m afraid my art would be copied but that’s not why - if that’s what I’m worried about, I wouldn’t be sharing my work online at all 😅 so here is my why - I sell my products for a living. So when someone comes and tells me they really like my work and then takes a picture to send it to a friend, it makes me very sad 😔 I’m an independent artist and a small business owner. Every sales counts, even when you buy a $3 sticker, it makes a difference! Trust me, it all adds up. So if you like something enough that you want to take a picture of it or show it to a friend, purchase it. If you don’t want to buy anything then, it’s totally fine to just look!👀 You can always take a business card, sign up for my newsletter or follow me on social media 😊 I don’t mind it at all if you share my posts or share pictures of what you bought from me on your feed - in fact, I highly encourage it and love seeing how my creations are loved by you! 💗 I’m speaking for myself and don’t know how other makers feel about this (thou some artists I’ve talked to share similar feelings) so the best practice for you as we move into a busy holiday craft fair season is to ask if it’s ok to take a photo! 📸 and please be understanding if they ask you not to. We love you and it’s not personal 💗 Thanks for listening! 🙏." ~ Honeyberry Studios