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The Whole Crypto Market Was Based On Hype And Flat Out Lies

As usual with the tech industry, cryptocurrencies weren’t just sold as a risky investment — they were framed as a social good. Now that the crash has ruined lives, those who promised societal transformation through crypto should be held accountable.


White Nationalists Financially Damaged in the Crypto Crisis

Cryptocurrency has been a magnet for domestic extremists ever since payment processors like Stripe and PayPal scrambled to de-platformed the far-right


Israel Admits It Might Have Killed Journalist, Attacks Her Funeral

Israeli police assaulted mourners carrying the casket of Shireen Abu Akleh, a Palestinian American reporter, the same day Israel’s army admitted it might have killed her.


Baby Formula Shortage Is Due To Monopoly

"The shortage is a manifestation of the same problems we've seen with the supply chain, made worse by monopoly," said one observer.