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Disgusting Virtue Signaling: At NRA Convention Trump Reads the Names of the Uvalde Dead

Former President Donald Trump and Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas were among those pushing a "good guys with guns" theory that "utterly failed" the latest victims of a mass shooting.


Trump's "Big Lie" Was A Bigtime Loser in Georgia

The ignorance and lies are not the majority, they're just loud and relentless.


Time To Tax Musk, Bezos, and the Billionaire Clan

Billionaires like Musk and Bezos are losing their grip, embracing the far right and trying to buy elections. Let's tax their wealth to fix America.


The Whole Crypto Market Was Based On Hype And Flat Out Lies

As usual with the tech industry, cryptocurrencies weren’t just sold as a risky investment — they were framed as a social good. Now that the crash has ruined lives, those who promised societal transformation through crypto should be held accountable.